Careful what you are shameless shameless bragging

The heartfelt words from a WOW players, pointed out that the current situation and the reasons of the CWOW. After reading this article, can not help but want to say, you cheated all to yourself. Want to when I liar fight you as ruthless spectators, also see it now? Regret, can not live. Word sent spectators: deserve. CWOW have residual brain occupied my glorious defeat, at least I stand up and resisted. No consciousness of resistance is basically dead, so I can not be saved you, then. Experience from playing online games, the game also shamelessly say, regardless of that game, shameless things people do hate, said when the wizard within the plug-While many people are forced to use, but for the plug-in, or have are scolded mouth, we all admit, in fact, can not plug the punishment would be able to show off, then we would go to the common use of plug, but not simply because a part shameless plug benefit immensely. Another example is the game: Knight, when someone uses accelerated plug, and regardless of that camp that players absolutely unison accusations. Another example is WOW, in fact, to start I do not want to play this game, because I heard that complicated to operate, but at the recommendation of a friend, in the beta into the game, entered the game, I love this game, beautiful music wizard site, storm the magnificent City, Auger Biao defended, everything is OK, but better, the people, the players and the players get along, the battle of the hostile camp, with the camp of the joint, between frank, more beautiful.

This beautiful, how come? Come from the player’s own requirements, you can make a mistake, you can do a bad thing, however, all the consequences, everything has its retribution, all people’s judgment. Such judgments are often heavy and serious. Therefore, each WOW players, always in the heart to remind myself that I do not be abandoned, and I want to play with, I do not want to do bad things, and if I make mistakes, I want to change. Until the 1960s, this environment has been OK, the occasional black stuff, NINJIA. . And so happened, however, on the whole, very little, and, in the event, the parties are, without exception, are isolated, parties trade unions, without exception, suffered difficult times. Why? The WOW moral turpitude. Even in the 1970s, in SW before opening, the moral still, people still know the shame, people still despise the shame of the people. SW open, accurate, said the SW began DOWN after suddenly among the twinkling of an eye, moral, suddenly collapsed, even experienced people, I still can not understand, which in the end is how it happened. Ever, open G group money to Ming accounts, perhaps a little phlegm dirty, but, remember, this is sputum dirt, not black. The sputum sewage reckoning, a fraction of sputum sewage removal made, black, Ming grab. I do not know that the head of the group G, hard-to what extent, although I often open, but I know that a group G down a fraction of the light, it has been just fine, what reason is there for you to you, head to the Black bossG own? funny, you grab Ming.

I do not know why? Why morality and society as a whole in the game, like decay so fast? Almost impossible to understand, to keep the game for several years for ethical, how time in less than a year, becomes the point? Replaced area, I join a regional trade union, this union, my classmates, friends playing together, because, relatively speaking, my game experience was a little better than they are, so I’ve been doing a teaching role and help , I teach the WOW in basic ethics and guidelines to them one day, the students said to go to the 8th district, he went after half a year, come back, and when he came back, I found that, I want to faint to completely became no moral example in WOW, the opening is equipped black to me, today I black how much equipment I can not use I have to grab. . . And so on. . . In this union now, I found a knight, he opened a group G, because black money is brush, However, unions channels, I do not see him on the brush to worry about, only on black money happy. I am a veteran World of Warcraft players, World of Warcraft has been for seven years, the understanding of the game of World of Warcraft can be said is very profound reason to write something, and want more people to know and know World of WarcraftI usually buy game coins on this website (, while in the online search keywords often:RS Gold.

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