World of Warcraft liar when double open open players who can hit double kidding

I have nothing else recently, today at noon meditation sudden, the horse did not brush my queen has been KLZ to go on their own 4 open brush mounts. Brush half, happy things happened, really, than my brush to the horse also happy. Under my open 4 No. Let me talk about my warrior name is Jiaerlushi attention to see the name, as well as Master is the queen not a few small, ruthless friend druid Light magic. Own the Shaman trumpet, get equipment it! Immediate concern than half the time, it was M me, I take a closer look to scare the hell I Warrior how M my own small German number? I am not dreaming I thought for a moment with three seconds, it was reported now does not embody a kind of crook posing as MT Association president deception, today I was their target but I what? now debunked my high IQ, not to mention the Three Kingdoms fan, and I reckon my ancestors with Zhou Yu relatives, so I use the meter on the meter, tune out liar large to look at, and I always wanted 70 No. transaction but a liar or is not 70 the number either IQ is not low, but a liar is actually said to be on YY face-to-face talk, I was shocked, the group members in my group was surprised, and always wanted to onlookers,

Liar double open later discovered that he actually side M I Warrior is not quiet tactical, to tell the truth, if not all my numbers, me more money, has been estimated to be fooled, the soldier No. name less a write! Finally, it is to go to work and do not have time to play with him! unfortunately do not know the other large, next week, activities to draw attention to the point liar! summarizes the crook tricks beyond the scope of between several metering, etc. Your Guild few people when to start, using a similar name to defraud the trust. The way you can crack a few, a queen and talk, and second, I do not borrow money, talk about money hurt feelings, three this is my group of people most incisive argument, which is a crook, he lied to me certainly lied to, we disagree, he said, I who only enough for the next copy of repairs! everyone look happy at the same time, long in mind not to such tricks fool! national dress really egg pain! CWOW so I know a lot of things really know some of the things did not know! pretty good, Wishing retrieve old friend set up her husband’s desire to achieve! Currently we kill the egg kill the exhilaration, many of which take the service station back when reading this news feel very God turned coincidence crook posing as turned out to be the player’s own trumpet. But afterwards saw this news, I sweat. This thing but there are still the same experience.

Finally, I have to say, shameless not the honorable thing, no one would much smarter than the others, you are not Einstein, today you shameless, accounting for the others cheaper, equal in forcing a noble shameless to fight back shameless, tomorrow, you will probably be shameless. Every day to see how bad you shouting game environment, how nausea Think for yourself, you are not a part of this situation is causing!!! Shameless, not a glorious thing!! Shameless, it should be is everyone shouting something!!! you do not fight, do not complain about being hit! Do not stop playing. Note: You played DOTA Why? Brothers, not DOTA. Passers Board DOTA10 people, too cheap Figure of 8 people remaining diagram is the host open kicking hung a noble pure DOTAER. You would suit on WOWER this title? I am a veteran World of Warcraft players, World of Warcraft has been for seven years, the understanding of the game of World of Warcraft can be said is very profound reason to write something, and want more people to know and know World of WarcraftI usually buy game coins on this website (, while in the online search keywords often:WOW Gold.

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